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Comcast: How customer experience drives product development

The media giant's chief product officer talks with Michael Krigsman and digital transformation analyst, Brian Solis, about teams, metrics, data, AI, and Net Promoter Scores.

Microsoft to add file restore to OneDrive for Business starting in late January

Microsoft's latest new feature for its OneDrive for Business cloud storage service, as of late this month, will be able to restore all file types and even an entire OneDrive if files get corrupted, deleted or infected.

Garmin introduces $80 Vivofit 4 with one year battery life and color display

One aspect that causes activity trackers to end up in the drawer is short battery life. Garmin achieves year long battery life with its latest tracker while including a small color display.

Got a lot of SSDs and hard drives to erase? You need the StarTech 4-bay drive eraser

If you have a huge backlog of hard drives or SSDs to erase, then you need a professional tool that is up to the job. Enter the StarTech 4-bay drive eraser.

Adobe adds Hadoop connector to Adobe Campaign

With the move Adobe is looking to give marketers direct access to big data and Hadoop.

MapR midcourse correction puts original CEO back in the drivers seat

MapR's sudden CEO change announcement signifies a back to basics strategy.

$400,000 stolen in Lumens BlackWallet theft

Another day, another theft in the world of cryptocurrency wallets.

Project Linda proposes marriage of Razer Phone with 13.3-inch laptop dock

The hybrid Android portable isn't the first phone-and-docking-system combination, but the gaming hardware company's concept is sleek and packs a "Quad HD" display and 200GB of built-in storage for its new smartphone.

IBM, Maersk form blockchain joint venture to focus on global trade

IBM and Maersk have been collaborating on creating a blockchain platform for the global supply chain. Now the duo will create a new company to commercialize the platform broadly.

Suspected LeakedSource operator charged in Canada

The for-profit breach notification site offered access to approximately three billion identity records.

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