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She bought an iPhone and returned it. AT&T kept charging her for it

There are tales of customer service that truly boggle the mind. This may well be one of them.

Brush up on your Microsoft Excel skills with this $34 comprehensive training

Train at your own pace to become an Excel expert, and qualify for a world of new career opportunities.

Artificial intelligence kept expanding through a turbulent year, with some exceptions

Stanford releases its latest AI statistics compilation, showing how the technology and associated opportunities fared through the turmoil of the past year.

Realtors keep pestering me. They say their software knows who I really am

There's something a little painful when a business believes software over its own basic judgment.

American Airlines just revealed the future (you may feel very uncomfortable)

You're thinking of flying again. Perhaps just within America. With interesting timing, American Airlines shows just how much is about to change, with technology at the heart of everything.

Deal alert: Get vivid visuals anywhere with the Uperfect portable monitor, now 10% off

Now you can take gorgeous imagery and immersive sound everywhere, with this lightweight portable monitor.

How to build a gaming PC for under $600

A gaming PC doesn't need to cost the Earth!

Low-code and no-code prepare enterprises for an 'unknowable future'

'Low code is dramatically different than a decade ago, even a year or two ago, because of Covid-19, and it's trending at a feverish pitch. Over the course of 2021 and beyond, we'll see a significant re-evaluation of tools and platforms.'

As entertainment options return, GeForce Now readies its long game

nVidia's streaming game service attracted millions during the pandemic when we were all stuck in front of our PCs. But new platform support and deployment of 5G provide pathways for continued growth.

Make Agile a stepping stone toward future fit adaptability

Analyzing the future through a crystal ball is not enough. Creating upfront, fixed plans doesn't work. Instead, we need to be ready for continuous change, be adaptive, creative, and resilient, and adjust quickly with "just in time" planning and execution.

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